Our First Book has been released and we are working on our second book (along with short stories). The art work is done. (thank you ina...Our recent graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, congratulations)..  Web Site is being updated and will continue to be updated with latest information. A special poster has been developed (see it on the Watcher Web Site www.WatcherInTheFall.com)being developed by our great staff artist. 
Now that we have a release, we arescheduling public
appearances and book signings. A number of you have
requested a signed copy (I am more than happy to do).

I want to personally thank everyone for your support.
As you are well aware, this is an exciting time for all of us. 
Let your friends know that this is real and available now..

Thanks again for all your support.


Quattro Gooba Winery, Northern Virginia




Ron Townsen -- TOO Books Date Site Last Updated : November 6, 2011

"Science Fiction for the Multi-universe"
Our first book in the series "Watcher In The Fall" is scheduled to be released in November 2011.

We hope you will continue to watch this site as we move forward with our new products.

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